Store your furniture when you are getting carpet cleaned

One of the best maintenance services you can get for your carpet is steam cleaning. However, you think of where to place your couch, tables, and chairs while the carpet cleaners do the job. It cannot possibly just remain placed wherever they are, especially when they are exactly atop your carpets. Aside from that, steam cleaning would take a while – considering the time you allow your carpet to completely dry after the service. Because of these, you might want to consider professional removals and storage facilities.

Removals and self-storage facilities have been a recently emerging industry. The business centralises on professional moving services where they provide you with expert removalists who will help you with transporting your possessions and storing the somewhere safe. These removalist companies are responsible for moving and lifting heavy items in your property like your bed and furniture. If you are not moving but just need someone to pick up at the store your belongings, they also have storage facilities where you can ‘rent’ a unit. These storage units are where your items are safely placed until they are delivered back to your property.

Practicality of storing your furniture in the meantime

Before getting your entire carpet cleaned, you wonder and ask: where do I put all these furniture? Of course, just leaving them where they are actually situated is not the best decision; otherwise, the maximum cleanliness of your carpet might not be achieved at all.

For the most practical homeowners amongst us, having your furniture stored is a great decision. Ultimate Carpet Cleaning suggests you find a reliable removal and storage company that can help you with furniture removals and storage before and after we take care of the carpet cleaning for you.

Benefits of hiring removals and storage services for your furniture

Hiring removals and storage services definitely come with a lot of benefits.

First, it is convenient, especially when you don’t have the time and energy to do the job yourself. It also lessens the possibility of injuries caused by lifting heavy items. Because the removal companies have professional movers, the potential for accidents is greatly minimised.

They also have the right equipment that will enable the secure transport of your belongings. Your furniture is safe with them, not only because they are professionals but also because they have appropriate tools like hoisting straps, trolleys, ramps, and the like.

On top of all that, their storage facilities and containers are well-maintained and sanitised. You can choose from overnight storage, short-term, or long-term, definitely depending on what you need.

Find a trusted removalist and storage solutions provider in Newcastle and Hunter region

A trusted storage removalist and storage provider in a bit challenging to find in Newcastle. Everyone claims to be better than the other. However, this does not mean you will not find a removalist company for your needs.

Here at Ultimate Carpet Cleaning, we’ve suggested you take a look at Removals and Storage Newcastle.

Covering all suburbs in New Castle, as well as Port Stephen, Maitland regions, Central Coast, and Hunter Valley, Removals and Storage Newcastle is open to store your furniture for you. Ultimate Carpet Cleaning will take care of your carpet while Removals and Storage Newcastle will provide assistance with moving around furniture or transporting them to the storage facility and back.

Their service starts from pick up, where your furniture is loaded to shipping containers and transferred to the main storage facility in Newcastle. They are particularly placed in wooden pods, so your belongings are kept safe and secured. Even the shipping containers itself are designed to protectively store your furniture since they are engineered to be water tight and wind tight. In essence, there is really nothing you should be bothered about when it comes to their equipment and facility.

Furthermore, their containers are well-maintained. Expect it to be dust and vermin free – that no speck of dirt and no trace of pest will be able to catch your furniture. Since you are getting your carpet cleaned, it is also a must that your belongings remain tidy as well. Removals and Storage Newcastle will take care of that for you. Nothing matches a clean carpet better than a neat set of furniture, right?

Check out Removals and Storage Newcastle’s storage facilities today to get a glimpse of what they offer. Now, you never have to wonder and ask where you should place your tables, couch, and chairs, as your carpet gets cleaned up.