Steam Cleaning

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Steam CleaningOne of the best and most recommended methods for cleaning carpet is the steam cleaning method. This actually is the preferred method used by most commercial and domestic carpet cleaners. Another term used for steam cleaning is hot water extraction. Carpet steam cleaning is really the only deep cleaning method out there. Although there are alternative methods such as carpet dry cleaning, usually people first look at steam cleaning.

The first thing that happens is a fine mist spray is applied to the carpet. The Technician will then concentrate individually on any stains that may be deep into the pile of the carpet fibres. This will force water into your carpet and underlay and it will break up dirt that is embedded deep within the fibres. Next, your cleaner will apply the use his machine to go over the carpet to remove the water and dirt. During this process your carpet will become completely wet.

While steam cleaning is great, there are a still few things to consider before you decide this is the best methods for the carpets and your life style requirements. First, your carpet will get wet. This means that you need time to allow your carpets to dry. Problems can arise when you don’t let your carpet dry properly ” If your home has poor circulation, or if you live in an area with high humidity, there is an increased possibility of mould. Once mould starts growing it can be very hard to remove. Make sure you work with carpet cleaners who use mould inhibitors. Lastly, make sure you have dry carpets before you walk on them. Drying your carpet may take a few hours.

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