Lounge Cleaning

Nothing beats getting home after a long day and putting your feet up on the sofa. Keeping your lounge clean when you and your family spend a fair amount of time on it, is very important to keep the suite in good condition and looking attractive.

A clean lounge suite should not have to be a hassle, but with regular basic cleaning and semi-annual deep cleaning, you will increase the lifespan of your furniture suite. Here are 5 simple tips and instructions to keep your lounge suite in good nick.

1. Everyday cleaning for your sofa

You do not need to hire a professional lounge cleaning service every time you need to clean. Basic dusting and vacuuming of your lounge suite is an easy way to keep it clean from day to day.

It is very important to clean in all the creases of your sofas, such as between the cushions and down the sides to pick up any dust, pet hair or other particles. If any spills occur on your sofa, be proactive and blot them immediately to prevent any liquids soaking in and causing a stain.

2. Semi-annual deep cleaning for your lounge suit

It is advised to treat your lounge suite with a deep cleaning at least two times every year. You can hire a professional lounge cleaning service to do this for you. They will know exactly how to treat your furniture and use the correct methods to suit the type of material that your lounge suite is made from.

In between deep cleaning, you may want to give your sofas a good cleaning to keep them looking good between deep cleaning sessions. You can make your own water-based cleaner, and give you’re a quick once-over.

Mix together a couple drops of dishwashing liquid, a capful of white vinegar and a pinch of baking soda in a spray bottle filled with water and shake. Be sure to test your home-made detergent in an inconspicuous place on your sofa to check that it will not cause any discoloration on the fabric. Leave the detergent to sit on any stains for several minutes before wiping clean.

3. How to treat your leather lounge suite

Leather furniture requires a more specialised approach to cleaning than other fabric upholstery. It is recommended that you vacuum your leather lounge suites regularly too. To wipe down the leather, you can use equal parts of water and vinegar mixed together in a bucket. Soak a rag in your vinegar cleaning mixture and wring it out well, leaving your rag damp. Wipe down yourleather furniture, ensuring your rinse out your rag regularly to prevent dirt from spreading while you clean. When you are done, run a dry cloth over the sofa to ensure no water got left behind.

Additionally, it is important to treat your leather furniture with vinegar and linseed oil to nourish it. A combination of one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil is shaken together should do the trick. Apply the mixture onto the leather and allow to sit for 10 minutes and then buff the oil out using a cloth.

4. Wooden furniture and accents

Wooden furniture is a beautiful feature in any home and furniture with wooden accents has great character. Wooden furniture needs some tender loving care too, so don’t look past and forget about them. Before you begin cleaning wooden furniture, determine the type of finish on the wood. Different finishes will react differently to cleaning methods.

Generally, it is suggested that you use minimal water when cleaning wood and do not let water make contact with the wood for too long, as this could cause staining, warping and cracking. Every day cleaning for your wooden furniture is quite simply dusting it off on a regular basis. It is recommended that you use a cloth rather than a feather duster, as the quills can cause scratcheson the wood.

For a deep-cleaning of wood, you can use mineral spirits and gently rub a small amount on the wooden surface with a cloth, followed by a damp cloth to remove any residue left behind. Remember to test the cleaner in an inconspicuous place before cleaning the whole furniture suite. For waxed or varnished wood, you can use lemon oil to treat the surface. Buff the furniture with a moistened cloth and a little oil, followed by buffing with a clean cloth.

5. A waterless cleaning option: Alcohol

If you do not want to wait for your sofa to dry after cleaning with a water-based cleaner, you use a waterless alternative. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, and so it an ideal option to speed up the process. With polyester and microfiber fabrics, the alcohol will not leave marks like water does.

Simply fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and mist the couch in small sections followed by scrubbing the sections with a sponge. Afterwards, rub the entire sofa with a brush moving in small circular motions to restore fabric quality.

Give your lounge suite some tender loving care to keep it in great condition with these easy methods. Clean your sofas on a regular basis so that you can enjoy fresh and clean environment to relax after a busy day, or to simply spend time with your loved ones. After all, a clean lounge suite is certain to impress the visitors to your home!